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Private Music Lessons in Fresno CA

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We provide all things music, from lessons to repair and instrument store. If you need it, and it’s musical, we’ve got you covered.

A World of Music in Fresno California

Various Musical instruments gathered to the left with a clean background. On the right, there is a quote "Music is a journey. Why not let it take you somewhere"

Our Goal

At Patrick’s Music, we are committed to helping you explore the world of music in Fresno and Clovis California. 

With over 40 years (yes, we’ve been around for awhile) of experience, our knowledgeable staff can guide you in finding the perfect instrument and private music lessons tailored to you.

On the other side of the globe, our instrument repair services are top notch and our prices are unbeatable. Trust me, we’ve seen a lot of horror stories with broken instruments and preformed a lot of miracles with our repair services. 

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Services We Offer


With over 40 years of experience, you'll get taught by the best. Its never too late to learn something new. Come and try a lesson! Lessons for all ages. Any Instrument.


We offer high-quality repair and re-hairing services from trained and apprenticed luthiers. From basic touch-up work to serious damage to fine instruments, nothing is too difficult for us.


Get the best deals on instruments, from starter to advanced options. We offer a variety of instrument, ranging from brass, strings, and percussion. Visit our shop to see what fits you.

40+ Years of Making Music

For over 40 years, Patrick’s Music has been supplying the city of Fresno with high-quality instruments, repairs, music lessons, and even higher-quality service. We can guarantee, once you step into our shop you will be blown away with all the instruments we have available and if you’re up for it maybe some music lessons in Fresno CA to aid you on your musical journey. 

Stop by our shop, online or in-store, we have great values and even greater finds at Patrick’s Music.


Ready to make music with us?

March Madness Special

For new and returning students. Applicable to 30 minute lessons for any instrument.