Carissa Hall: Carissa Hall teaches voice and violin. She is a classically trained vocalist with experience in classical and Broadway styles, and is currently pursuing a Vocal music degree. She has performed in a number of local theater productions, as well as in a bluegrass/country band, in the Fresno City College choir, and at recitals of Fresno City College’s Intermediate/Advanced voice class. Carissa has been playing the violin/fiddle for 14 years, focusing initially on American fiddle styles, and later branching into Celtic music and classical violin. She plays locally for the Irish dance group “Celtic Motion”.


Geovonna Ramirez:

Geovonna is a classically trained pianist and vocalist. She has been in elite choirs/voice classes, (Chamber Singers under Alisa Allen and Thou Yang, City Singers under Julie Dana, and Advanced Voice under Rebecca Sarkisian) majored in vocal music at Fresno City college, and has traveled the country to sing. She grew up taking piano lessons and studied music theory in college. She can teach any style or genre with either instrument- and make it easy and fun!


Joel Mariano: 

Joel is currently in his 4th year at CSU Fresno in the pursuit of a Bacherlor of Arts in Choral Music Education. He has worked under the solo voice instruction of Dr. Anthony Radford, Hanna York, and Brigid de Jong. Outside of the university, he is also on staff with the Fresno County Youth Choir and has served as the Tenor Section leader for the past two years. Joel’s emphasis is currently on solo classical voice, but he uses Broadway and contemporary music as teaching tools in lessons.