Danny MendozaDanny Mendoza:

Danny has been playing guitar and piano for more than 30 years. He has been teaching piano and guitar in our studio for 12 years. Danny studied music and music theory at Fresno State University. He performs locally with several groups and is an accomplished studio musician and arranger.



Elaine Shresta

Elaine Shrestha:

Elaine has been teaching at Patrick’s Music for more than two years. She has a BA in Music Composition from Fresno State. Elaine has more than musical training and experience in all styles. She is specialized in jazz, pop, and classical styles of piano. From 2003-2010 Elaine taught in Fowler and recently returned from teaching in Los Angeles in 2011.

Emilie SpaldingEmilie Spalding: 

Emilie Spalding took twelve years of private lessons and has played for fourteen years. Through high school she competed in Certificate of Merit (CM) and Piano Celebration, where judges evaluated memorized pieces and students took a theory test to assess their piano skills and knowledge. Emilie achieved the highest rating “Superior” seven times, the second highest “Excellent” twice and three trophies in Piano Celebration. Due to her CM performances, she was invited twice to play at the State convention. Emilie also loves kids and enjoys passing on her knowledge of piano to eager minds with a variety of teaching methods.

Esther Bulger:Esther Bulger Photo

Esther has been playing violin and piano for over 13 years. Her primary instrument is violin and she has studied under Limor Toren-Immerman, Shoanie Young, and Tim Johnson. Esther holds a Master of Arts degree in Music Performance from Fresno State with an emphasis in violin. She also studied piano in the Bachelor’s program at Fresno State and has over 7 years of experience teaching both piano and violin to children and adults. Esther teaches primarily from a classical perspective but also makes adjustments to curriculum based on each student’s individual needs.

Taryn photoTaryn Baker:

Taryn Baker is a beginning and intermediate piano teacher at Patrick’s Music. She has been playing piano for fifteen years and took lessons starting at six years old and continued up to the end of her senior year of highschool. Throughout that time, she participated in the Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC) Piano Celebration, and Certificate of Merit. Upon her performance in Certificate of Merit, Taryn was invited to play multiple times at the State Convention. She has been a lobby pianist at a Senior Living Community for three years and was a part of the music program at St. Agnes and played piano for the patients. Taryn also frequently plays keyboard/piano for worship teams at local churches.  She loves music and thoroughly enjoys teaching others piano.